I Love Page-Turners

by Steve George on October 14, 2013

I read mysteries, thrillers, crime, action/adventure, science fiction, and even the occasional zombie novel because I seek books that strap me down and rocket me through unexpected twists and turns and leave me wishing the ride was longer. I want to check the clock around midnight and allow myself one more chapter, knowing it may be more, because there’s never a good point to stop in a page-turner.

I have little time for books that start slowly. I’m too impatient. A mystery is welcome but deep thinking is not. Get to the point. Make me turn the page. Dare me to stop.

When I started Dead Blow Hammer, my first goal was to keep it moving. Put Handy in harm’s way and let him figure a way out. Then do it again. Raise the stakes. Confuse the issues. Limit his options. Write him into a corner that I, as a reader, want to see him escape.

I’m always excited to find authors who write page-turners well. James Lee Burke is one. Dennis Lehane another. I just read Lehane’s Moonlight Mile in one night. That’s a page-turner. C.J. Box. Harlan Coben. Lee Child. It’s a long list.

My Handy Mann novels are page-turners. Fun rides. Read the first chapters, available in links on the right, and I’m hoping you won’t want to stop.

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