My DIY Cred

by Steve George on October 21, 2013

If you own a house, you’re a do-it-yourselfer. It’s unavoidable. Things age. They break and they fail. Even if you prefer calling in a professional, most jobs even the most inept among us can handle.

In the 30+ years I’ve lived in my house, I have:

  • Stripped my kitchen to the bare walls, replaced the floor, hung wallpaper, and installed cupboards and a new counter top
  • Installed tile in the kitchen and bathroom—twice (and it’s time for a new kitchen floor)
  • Gutted a bathroom and installed a whirlpool bath
  • Gutted a bedroom that had textured walls and put up new drywall
  • Finished the two-thirds of the basement that is livable space
  • Installed 13 new windows
  • Wired the garage
  • Shingled the house and garage
  • Sided the garage
  • Converted half the garage into a cat house (for pussycats), then tore it out after the last cat died
  • Installed two fences
  • Erected a car port
  • Put in backyard sidewalks
  • Replaced two toilets and two bathroom sinks
  • Painted every paint-able surface at least once

The list doesn’t include the steady stream of little things that cannot be ignored like replacing locks, fixing doors, maintaining the lawn, etc. You can check your completed DIY projects off the list but the list never gets shorter.

The problem with nearly every DIY project is the learning curve: You’ve either never done it before or you did it so long ago you forgot how. Handy neighbors (and a brother in the construction business) help. The local hardware store is a good resource, as is the Internet. Still, you learn by doing—and you hope your mistakes can be fixed.

I created Handy Mann to be the ultimate do-it-yourselfer, willing and able to tackle any home improvement project. I understand willing. Able is another matter.

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Linda Hildebrand October 21, 2013 at 11:12 am

I was wondering what you’ve been doing all these years! Tried to order your books but ran into some glitches that were very frustrating. Will try again at a later date as I’d really like to read them.


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