About Steve George

As a writer and a student of writing and a wannabe fiction author, I was always flummoxed by the ancient advice to “write what you know.” I’m a middle-class white guy, a business writer for more than 30 years, living in a first-ring suburb, in the same house, also for more than 30 years, with my wife of more than 30 years (she’s a high-school librarian), and with four cats and a dog. I have four adult, happy, relatively well-adjusted kids.

I figured if I wrote what I knew, nobody would be awake after two pages.

It turns out, if you live long enough, and if you’ve been paying attention, you know enough about a way of life to use it as the foundation for a book, or a series of books. You accumulate enough odds-and-ends to add spice and texture. You read enough books (and enough writing how-to’s) to feel somewhat comfortable with plot, characterization, settings, pacing, drama, humor, etc.

In other words, you have no excuses.

I had written ten nonfiction books before self-publishing my first novel, Dead Blow Hammer. I’d written millions of words for all types and sizes of organizations before writing words not being paid for by a client. I love the freedom of that—although I miss the paychecks.

When I’m not writing, petting cats, or taking out the dog, I love to read and play golf. I’m better at reading. I enjoy reading what I love to write: thriller, action/adventure, mystery, and crime fiction, with forays into science fiction and literature. Fun and fast-paced. I burn through books like I burn through golf balls. You can check out a partial list of my books on Goodreads.

You can check out my life—the fictional equivalent, anyway—in my Handy Mann novels.

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